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part number for Dinse Connector

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  • Aeronca41
    I got the same connectors with mine and have not used them. However, they are Lenco connectors with a .508 dia pin. Here is a link to a page from the Lenco catalog that shows the male ends

    Not a complete answer but hope it helps. I measured the hole for the cable as .5 " so I'm sure it's not the 4/0 version. Must be one of the other 2.

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  • H2o
    started a topic part number for Dinse Connector

    part number for Dinse Connector

    When I got my Dynasty 200 contractor kit, it came with the Dinse connection kit #221322, with two male connectors. No instructions were included with these. I was hoping to use them to make extension cables.

    I could not find any info on these, and what cable sizes these are rated for. I looked up female connectors and there are three types you can buy. Anyone kno what I need?