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Will a pc-300 pulser work with a Syncrowave 300?

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  • Will a pc-300 pulser work with a Syncrowave 300?

    Hello, Im new to the forum. Ive been putting together a aluiminum set up with a syncrowave 300. I have been searching forever and found a pc-300 pulser to connect to my syncrowave 300. Unfortunately, the pin on the pulser dont match the machine, and the pedal plug pins dont match the pulser box. Are these two compatible ? are there adapterplugs of any kind? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Matt

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    The PC-300 should have the current Miller standard 14-pin connections and if I'm not mistaken your Syncrowave 300 would have the former 5-pin remote connection.

    So, you're looking at either replacing plugs/receptacles or making adapter cables.
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      Your correct, I was assuming they would plug right in. But, they dont. I was seeing if there was anyway to adapt them.