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Question about Syncrowave 210

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  • Question about Syncrowave 210

    Hey all,

    First I want to apologize if this has been covered, I haven't seen a lot of coverage on mig for the Syncrowave 210.

    I am in need of space in my garage so two welders cannot happen right now, I had a hobart 187 and sold it to a co-worker for cheap, I was saving for the Syncrowave 210 because it has nice tig features and has the spool gun option however I heard the inverter machine is not that great with mig welding. I am just a home car hobbyist that is looking into the art of tig welds and making parts/roll cages etc. Now I am looking into getting a MM211 & save for a Dynasty 200DX unless someone talks me into still going for the Syncro 210.

    So my main questions are, How strong is the mig/spoolmate with the 210.?
    How far can the 210 go with tig quality with SS & Aluminum before you would get a Dynasty unit with the bells and whistles.

    Also I found a used Dynasty '10 200DX, with coolmate 1 and tig runner part#951139 for 3300$, is this a good price?

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    The Dynasty 200DX has been replaced by the NEW Dynasty 210DX

    which is even better yet...


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      Very nice!

      I found a nice used 200dx and now this.... ugh, ****it miller!


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        So I take it no one has used the spool gun on the 210 sync yet?