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High Pitch Noise coming from XMT 304

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  • High Pitch Noise coming from XMT 304

    Hello all! Well I finally got my "new" XMT 304 welder fixed and have finally started laying down some welds. When I first started welding with it the machine was nice and quiet. Well after about a couple minutes of welding some small 3 inch welds on a plate, dialing in my settings, just trying it out (and boy does it weld nicely) but then a high pitch like alarm noise started to come from the machine. I know the machine is welding and working but I was seeing if it was normal to have a high pitch noise coming from the machine or is it trying to tell me something? It welds nicely with the high pitch noise going off, it happens if you are welding or not and the noise changes if you go from the CV settings to the CC settings. Thanks for any information!