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  • Syncrowave 250 pulser

    Hello everyone:
    I have a new syncrowave 250 with the pulser option. I am an experienced tig welder. I am welding .090-.125 new aluminum (clean) and would like some starting points for setting the pulser options.(background, peak ect.) Thanks.

    Thank You!
    paul herman
    Paul Herman
    Predator max
    Maximum Performance Products

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    Kind of depends on what you are looking for for bead profile or for operator timing.

    Base set up-
    60% peak time
    25-30% background Amp
    .9-1.3 pulse/second

    These settings will give you a good bead profile and reduce overall heat input to weldment.

    For real fine stitch look, turn pulses up. For puddle agitation to clean or float impurities, turn pulse/sec way up (300-500).

    The pulser is an option you will have to play with to get it set to mesh with your weld style. What works for one may not work for you.

    good luck and have fun with your new Syncrowave!



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      Thanks for answering my question. Bead appearance is important for our application.
      (boat rails, fuel cells etc.) We just tried the settings you suggested,looks good and the lower pulse rate works great for the bead appearance. Looks like nickels.

      Thanks again
      Paul Herman
      Predator max
      Maximum Performance Products