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Does Silver brazing with a GMAW robot exsit?

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  • Does Silver brazing with a GMAW robot exsit?

    Hello, I am working on a project for a customer who needs to join a 409 stainless tube to a stainless casting. The original prototypes I made were very successful by doing a GMAW bronze braze with ERCuSi-A using a (Miller) Panasonic TAWERS robot with brazing software. These prototype samples were ultimately rejected because these specific tubes transfer an acid that eats away the copper material. The customer has now specified BAg-24. We currently only use BAg-24 with induction brazing but we want to avoid this process as the joint is very difficult to induction braze. Is there any way to robotic braze silver with the GMAW process? If there are no silver options, are there any other GMAW wires that would be suitable to join these materials on a robot. Welding or brazing. To take it even further, does anyone know why you can GMAW braze brass, bronze, aluminum, but not a silver alloy?

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      Why "braze"? This data sheet discusses welding:

      "The electrode wire most often suggested is an
      AWS ER309 or ER308L austenitic
      stainless steel when the applications
      do not include exposure to high temperatures. AWS ER309 or ER308L stainless
      wire may also be employed for
      joining 409 stainless to mild steel. Thin
      wall components for elevated-temperature service should be weld fabricated
      with a matching weld filler such as
      409 Cb. AWS ER430 and W18 Cr-Cb filler
      wires are suitable alternatives."
      Miller stuff:
      Dialarc 250 (1974)
      Syncrowave 250 (1992)
      Spot welder (Dayton badged)