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Miller 60 series wirefeeder slow

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  • Miller 60 series wirefeeder slow

    We have 2 Miller 60 series wirefeeders at work that slow down in speed intermittently. Changed speed control potentiometer, checked tachometer(visually), checked brushes, new gun and liner. Wire speed is typically set at 400ipm. The speed goes down to 35 IPM. Could happen at first trigger press or 15th. PC1 board was also changed. Any ideas on what else to look for?

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    Too much hub tension, bad wire guides, bad idler bearing, bad liner. Or, you may need. Or, you may need a weld current sensor with some CV power sources.
    Iam sure cruizer, or one of the more knowledgeable guys will be along shortly. They will want to know the model number and what power source though.
    If not, then 7a749 over on the Weldingweb site works on these feeders a lot, there is little he doesn't know about them.


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      Thanks for the response.

      Hub tension is fine, checked the bearing.. Was fine. Wire guides are fairly new, nothing wrong with them. As for the liner, it's new and seems to be fine. Seems like an electrical issue. Checked the voltage sensing dip switch which was set to off. The book states "If wire feeder is equipped with a voltage sensing lead, set DIP switch S3 to the off position." Changed it to the on position and will see how it works out. Would the voltage sensing dip switch have anything to do with the motor slowing down and speeding back up?


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        Still need model, serial number, and power source.


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          Model, Serial number and Power source

          Hey Walker,

          Got that info for you. Model is a S-64, serial number is KK302641 and the power source is a Miller XMT-304 series, serial number is KJ253803.