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Hawk--Spray Again??

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  • Hawk--Spray Again??


    Would the sray arc setup you described for the MM210 be about the same for my MM Vintage ?
    Am looking to do a lot of flat/horizontal 3/16-38 mild steel and need deep penetration, guess this is what I am looking for, right??

    Thanks Again

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    Yes the spray arc procedure I described in keeping things square will work for you. What gas are you using or wanting to use. Go for the 95Ar/5O2. It is a really hot mix. The 5% O2 really preheats the wire to the max. It may have to be ordered, but is worth the wait. I like using 90 He/10Ar for TIG on my D200Dx, but it is an odd request and takes 2 weeks to get. I am trying to get my dealer to stock it for me. I run through a bunch of small 40CF and 80CF cylinders because my back and neck won't let me lift anything heavier. The 80CF cylinders are a struggle at times. Don't laugh. Just hope you never have such mis-fortune in a bad vehicle accident.


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      Thanks Hawk:

      Does sray arc give me the most penetration as weld will be under stress??


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        I feel very safe with spray arced material. Penetration is excellent. Be sure to fill your undercut. This usually is not a problem.