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CST 280 or Maxstar 200

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  • CST 280 or Maxstar 200

    Was wanting to get some of your opinions on these two welders. I own both and I'm trying to decide which one to keep. So whats your favorite the cst 280 or the maxstar 200?

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    I also have both... in my boneyard. I dont have three phase so they have close to the same output for me. (190amp 60% vs 175amp 60%) The 200 has a gas valve, and runs on 120v. Simple decision. If i could pick one to bring back to life, it would be the Maxstar 200SD
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    XMT 350
    Fronius Magicwave 3000
    Maxstar 150
    hobart beta mig 251
    Dimension 452
    1971 Idealarc 300/300
    Ranger 8

    Maxstar 200sd
    Cst 280
    Spectrum 875

    Trailblazer 225g
    Ranger 8

    Wish list
    3 phase power


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      You didn't say, but I think your 200 a is multi- volt machine and the CST 280 is 230 or 440 volt.
      Depending on your usage would make the difference. We have both and the CST 280 hands down for stick and the 200 for tig. Most of the carbon steel pipe jobs request the CST 280 over the 200 .


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        Can't comment on the CST, but I have a Maxstar 200 in my shop at work. Its very portable, and when I have to do work in any of the buildings or tunnels I have no clue what power is around for my whip to get tied into. We have everything you can imagine from 120 single phase to 480 three phase and everything in between. It makes it very nice for my electrician or myself to find an empty breaker and get to welding. The only thing I have found is it does not like 6010 on 120v. I don't know why it would matter but it does. Just takes alittle more careful manipulation of the rod and not whipping too far out. It beats the daylights out of running an genny and a few hundred feet of welding leads though!!