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Bluestar 2e power works, welder does not work

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  • Bluestar 2e power works, welder does not work

    Hello,I have a Bluestar welder SN # HK269609. I also have the correct owners manual downloaded. 6 months ago it was working OK but now it will not arc when set to the weld position. It does still make good 110 in the power position and runs a grinder just fine. Are there any common problems I should be looking for on this? Is there a service manual available at all with voltage levels and check points to assist in troubleshooting?Thank you for assistance.

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    In power mode the motor should be revving 1600 rpm. In weld mode (low idle) the motor should be running 1800 rpm. When you flip the switch to weld mode from power mode, do you notice a slight rpm increase of the motor? You should.
    Start simple. You may have a faulty weld/power switch.
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