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    Company I work for has several welders. I am use to a syncrowave myself but the guy that ran the aerowave left. I am now being asked to use the aerowave but I dont really understand the manual. Seems like a foreign language to me.

    The manual doesnt seem to give a basic starting point for settings. Then setting the amperage pos and neg gets confusing. It says hold the button next to the knob and adjust to your desired setting. However once set to say 75 if I turn the knob without holding the button the numbers will change. If I turn the knob to say 100 then I press the button again after that now I get a totally different number than the 100 I just turned it to. I may see 150, why? What happens when you turn the knob without holding the button? Is it changing the setting? Why hold the button in the first place if the knob changes the numbers without it? And why the two different numbers? The book says nothing and has no explanation for this or if it does I don't understand what it says. If I understood things I don't think the machine would be so hard to use. Can anyone explain this?

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    Well it has been over 10 years since I toasted my last Aerowave, but I think you are wanting to adjust the total amps and amplitude so you can weld some junk on AC polarity.

    What I remember is say you are welding some 1/8" alum. Pick your amp range, push the DCEN for let's say 250. Then you may want your DCEP a tad lower to save your tungsten, so set it for let's say push the DCEP button and set for 220. You could just leave amplitudes the same and find better tungstens.

    Now go test and adjust if you want and get to work. Honestly I don't remember messing with the dials after that. Maybe someone else figured more than I did, and it has been a good decade since I last messed with one.

    Steel welding is just set polarity for DCEN and rotate knob to desired amps.

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