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  • Invision 354mp

    I can get one of these for a song, less than $200 but the guy says it welds sometimes and sometimes it don't.. Should I wait or can it be fixed reasonable. This will be a home machine and know little or nothing about it yet

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    Invision 354mp

    The only thing I know about that machine is the basics and it's expensive. For $200, I think I would absolutely roll the dice. Even if it costs you some more cash to get it fixed, it'd be totally worth it. Now I say that without ever using one, but with big risk comes big reward. Do you have 3ph power to get the most out of a machine like that?


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      I have one of these machines, they are awesome for MIG and stick, even gouging with it....... Yes then can be expensive to fix but the machine is a 5 grand toy, now remember you will need to have a feeder to run off it, and a VS feeder is not the best for it, I have it paired with a 60 series feeder and I love it......

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        You get it? It was a little over an hour drive for me and I didn't have time.
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