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Help Miller Air Pak back from the dead

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  • Help Miller Air Pak back from the dead

    hi guys, new here on the forum, but not to welding. Model # kd47**** Deutz f4l912 i have a 93 miller air pak with 6,000 hrs that im having problems with. I Lent out my truck for some weekend work that my brother has lined up. He was welding and gouging fine when it just quit on him. He tried to restart the unit, turning it over and over until it started smoking while doing so, he then stopped and gave me a call. Machine has been down ever since, and i have rented welders to get work done when they come up. work is slow now so im into troubleshooting it, as we have no repair centers close. Upon inspection, wires going to the engine start control switch were melted and would smoke while in the run position. i ran new wires, and got the switch functioning again. ie, it now turns over, however the fuel shut off siloniod is not functioning either. i primped pump, and manually hold fuel stop open, and it starts right up. This part has three wires coming out of it, i would think its same princible as a starter siloniod, but i can not make it function with supplying 12 volts to it. As it stands right now, i can start the unit with no problems. There is no power at all coming out, either through the welds terminals or the 120 volt ac receptacles through the front. I also tired to get 120v out of the side aux power box that can supply 1-3 phase power, wired it up, and nothing as well. I have been asking around, and it looks like i might not have the exciter ring working to magnetize the welding stator rotor assembly, which is then not giving any power. not sure if i can supply voltage to this to manually try it out?? I can take some pics, any help in the right direction would be great, as this is what i do when im laid off. thanks, jon