I have a millermatic 175 that stopped working. The control board #is 207466. The input voltage is 230vac measured at the control board between RC10 & RC5. When powered up the fan runs fine and there is no over temp light.

The problem is, when the trigger is pressed the drive roller starts to turn literally for a second then stops. Also, when this happens, the open circuit voltage on the DC side of the welding machine also has about a 30vdc output for a split second then drops to zero. I also checked output voltage on the control board between RC6 & RC7 to the transformer and it also has about 30volts for a split second then quickly drops to zero. The relays are activating with the trigger and the red indicator LED on the control board indicates the trigger is active. It's like the machine tries to start welding then rapidly drops out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.