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Need help troubleshooting millermatic 175

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  • Need help troubleshooting millermatic 175

    I am in need of assistance troubleshooting a millermatic 175. Ser# LE263696. It has the control board # 207466.

    When I power the machine the cooling fan runs fine, no over temp light but the second I press the trigger my drive motor runs for just a second. I also checked open circuit voltage on the machine and I get about 30vdc reading for a brief second then it drops down to 0. Also, the power between r6 and r7 to the main transformer measured right off the control board does the same thing. I get a brief 30volts then tapers to zero quickly. There is a good steady 230vac incoming power measured at the control board and I can see the red LED light and relays pull in when the trigger is pressed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to repair it myself and am capable of component swapping in the control board vs replacing the board.