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MIG pressure post regulator

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  • MIG pressure post regulator

    was wondering if anyone would happen to know what psi an average MIG regulator puts out. I am replacing the gas tubing that runs all the way up to the trigger on my machine. I was thinking about using some silicone tubing I have, but am not sure it can take the pressure. My machine just has a simple valve on the trigger which, when depressed, allows the gas to flow on to the diffuser. No solenoid or anything. Thanks.

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    I don't know the pressure but it has to be only a couple of pounds. My old Century MIG welder just used a length of cheap clear plastic tubing from the regulator to the feed for the mig gun. No clamps, just a barbed hose fitting. I can't imagine the silicone tubing would not work just fine but there are far more experienced people than I here who can probably tell you the actual pressure.


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      It looks like some of the small MIG units that use a trigger valve instead of gas solenoid

      run about 15 PSI

      The Lincoln Electric MIG Conversion Kit with 1/4 in. Regulator with Gauge includes everything you need (except the CO2 cylinders) to convert a flux-cored welder into a MIG welder.


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        Thanks for the replies.

        On my regulator, I pulled the hose off the barb and put my finger over the outlet and was able to block the flow easily (at around 30cfh, anyways), so yea doesn't look like much at all. I'll try what I've got and report back.