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    Would Miller please make a replacement face for the wireless remote. The face eventually gets spatter and burns and just beat up no matter how careful my helper is with it. It is a VERY expensive remote and I would like to be able to keep it nice. Plus,if I can't read the display what good is it? BTW, I have two currently. I have purchased 3. I am $2,400.00 into remotes soo I'd like to protect my investment for as long as possible. Anyone have any ideas. I've talked with a few miller reps and they say it's not an available part? I would just like to be able to get the most out of my investment in a very nice product.
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    How about using a Pelican case?

    Secure cameras, firearms and other gear with a Pelican Case – the most rugged, dependable and watertight protective case.

    Another option may be to make a cover or bag using clear vinyl.
    Buttons can be accessed thru the cover.

    I made a protective overlay for my Dynasty 350 front panel using this material.

    This is available at my local fabric store for making furniture slip covers.
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      I have no suggestions for your already damaged remotes....but in the future, would clear motocross number plate backgrounds cut to fit the face help protect your remotes? This stuff is self adhesive and thick. It is available at most motorcycle shops or online.