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Looking at old Dial Arc 250 which is better

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  • Looking at old Dial Arc 250 which is better

    Im looking at one that is a 1975 HF model881026 white face and one i think is a 1986 Black face jg113181 . are they the same ?? is the newer one better??

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    Are they both Dialarc 250 HF models?
    If you intend to do aluminum TIG welding with it, the HF circuitry makes a difference.

    Also, are they functional, does the post-flow timer still operate, and are they configurable for the power that you have available?

    I've heard of 3-phase versions, but am not an expert on the Dialarc models, just have helped get a friend's set up after spotting it on Craigslist and learning the joys of trouble shooting one that has a buggy HF section.

    Definitely take this with a few grains of salt though!