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Foot Switch. Can it be adjusted?!?

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  • Foot Switch. Can it be adjusted?!?

    Syncrowave/Dynasty Foot Switch Adjustments (RFCS-6M)

    Question: Is there an adjustment to decrease the amount of amps at arc termination?

    When I extinguish the arc, I can't quite get the AMPS low enough to properly terminate the weld. It seems to shut off at around 30 AMPS! I had a wireless foot control that I tossed due to poor consistency throughout amperage range, but terminated smoothly.
    I purchased a new corded foot switch and it doesn't seem to terminate as well leading me to believe that there could be an adjustment! I've lowered the AMPS at the machine and that seemed to help but is not enough.

    Thank You to all who help in advance

    The only adjustment I was able to make was the "amount" of pedal movement required to initiate arc start. I hope the following helps!

    I am NOT a technician nor am I endorsed or trained by Miller in any way shape or form.

    With the machine turned OFF, disconnect the foot switch plug at the machine.

    Remove the (4) screws that secure the base plate to the bottom of the pedal assembly (same goes for the industrial metal base with strain relief, although the strain relief has an additional bolt that needs to be removed)

    Open it up. Take a moment and see how the wires route thru and around the inside of the pedal.

    Locate the switch. The metal tab that rests on the plastic stop (molded into the pedal) is either bent too far away causing greater pedal movement required to activate, or bent too close causing decreased pedal movement.
    (Make sure the switch is tucked back into its proper location)

    Holding the switch in its proper position inside the housing without the base plate installed AND pressing the pedal to check when the switch is activated can be a trick.

    Note the amount of "pedal throw" before You hear the "click" from the switch.

    Make the adjustment and re-assemble.

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