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Which mig/wire feeder to purchase

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  • Which mig/wire feeder to purchase

    I have a Miller BC 250 and now in the market for a mig/wire feeder. I have been looking at the Hobart 210 and the Miller 211. Is there a better option or one that would work best with the BC? I prefer the 120/230 volt. It will not be used for a business, but I do a lot of work at my home. Looking for suggestions. Thank you, bluegold

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    For a bobcat you should purchase an rc-8 or rc-12, or 12vs or 8vs. Either of these would be much more suited to run off the bobcat. Much more potential power.


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      I don't think the RC's will work with the Bobcat.
      No 14 pin plug.
      The Miller 211 needs 25amps @230v so the Bobcat with 11000 watts should run it fine.

      VS will work fine also.

      Good Luck,
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        Thank you for the feed back. I think for my use I will go with the 211Thanks againbluegold


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          Originally posted by bluegold View Post
          Thank you for the feed back. I think for my use I will go with the 211Thanks againbluegold
          If your plugging the welder into the bobcat be sure to turn the auto idle off. Also kinda a waste, a voltage sensing feeder is a way bettar setup.
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            Which mig/wire feeder to purchase

            Second the wire feeder. Carry anywhere and works as good as mig. More durable, higher amps rating & duty cycle. No brainer in my book


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              And they can be had on Craigslist cheap! Only thing they don't do is plug into a wall. Even then they just need a plug in based power and you can use it in the shop.