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    Hi i just picked up a bluestar 2e from a guy that does a lot of my welding for $150. I do have some questions about it i never really did much welding before just in metals in high school and i never owned a welder till now so now i can start with freshing up lol. but the welding does need some parts it came with no battery, cords and no leads. what do you guys run on yours

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    I don't have a Bluestar, but took a quick look at the manual on this site for a randomly chosen serial no. The manual tells you what size welding leads to use depending on how long you need them to be. Remember that the chart in the manual lists total length of leads; i. e., if you have 25 foot leads, you need to look in the chart for 50'. If you use the full 200 amps, you will need #3 or #2 depending on duty cycle. If you will be using only lower currents, you can go a bit smaller and save a few bucks, but I don't like to skimp on cable size.

    If you don't have a manual for yours, and haven't discovered them here yet, click on the "Resources" tab at the top of this page, select "Owners Manual and Parts List", enter your serial number, and you can print one out.

    The battery is listed in the parts list I looked at as "12 volt, 74 amp". I would guess just about any battery will do. Perhaps even a lawn tractor battery, but see what kind of terminals are on your battery connection wires and choose accordingly. Don't worry if the battery you get has "too many amps"; the machine will only draw as many amps as it needs--you cannot hurt a machine by installing a battery with "too high" an amperage capacity. Enjoy your new-to-you welder!


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      You can enter in your serial number on this webpage and locate a manual for your machine from miller. All your questions can be answered in there.
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        troubleshooting info

        Originally posted by snoeproe View Post
        You can enter in your serial number on this webpage and locate a manual for your machine from miller. All your questions can be answered in there.
        Hello, hopefully you can help me here. I have a Bluestar 2e Serial number HK269609 which has been sitting for awhile. I also have the owners manual downloaded for my serial number machine and I'm a fairly good electrician so I'm not completely lost on reading the schematics. 6 months ago it would arc when set to the weld position and run a grinder just fine in the power position. I started it yesterday to do some welding and it will no long er arc in the weld position. I can still run a grinder in the power position though. I'm going to assume that most likely it's a bad connection somewhere and I'm working my way through it cleaning each and every connection and making sure they're all tight but I figure it won't hurt to ask if there's any common failures which I could check for. I was hoping to find a troubleshooting guide somewhere online with voltage levels ans check points. Does such a document exist? Thank you very much.