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XMT 304 PC1 board

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  • XMT 304 PC1 board

    I bought a non working XMT 304 cc/cv to tinker with. I was told it needed a new interconnect board, after opening it up there is a brand new interconnect board and IGBT's. The welder turns on and has no help codes but has no weld output and shows 0 on both displays. After some farther inspecting I found some damage to the PC1 board with a very poorly attempted repair. Two tracks need to be repaired at VR2, c34 is gone, C24 is desoldered, and a path is damaged at RC2 pin 6. The machine serial number is LC650068. I am looking for some guidance on anything else I should check, and if any one knows what the value of C34 is. I am not opposed to buying a new board but don't want one repaired by someone I don't know from Adam with no references. Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide. -Chris
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    Let me know if this helps. I can't get an accurate reading on the value of the missing capacitor. I'm just using the cap test function on my multimeter. Most of the others are reading, but that particular one is not giving a readable response. I might not be gettting clear of the coating, or i have a bad cap in that spot.
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