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Trying to find a TIG foot pedal for old Airco welder

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  • Trying to find a TIG foot pedal for old Airco welder

    I have an old 300 amp Airco heliwelder that I got from my grandpa and right now it doesn't have a foot pedal so I have to scratch tig everything. Does anyone know where I could find one? The model# is 3a/ddr-225hpa/b-sd, serial# he817638. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Trying to find a TIG foot pedal for old Airco welder

    Try Call then up and ask. They can usually build it if they don't stock it.


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      Photo of your unit would help.
      Seems to be simlar to the Miller 330A/BP series.

      These welders used the old remotes with 2 separate 3 conductor cords.
      One cord was for the contactor and the other cord was for the current control.
      Each cord had a twist-lock type plug on the end.

      Bad news is that the remote used a 5 ohm, 150 watt ceramic rheostat for the current control.
      The newer aftermarket remotes are not compatible.

      Might find one on ebay.

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        If it looks like mine (pic attached), it's actually a Miller 330 abp and uses the same foot control.

        I see them on ebay on occasion.
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