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what size generator do i need for my miller matic 140 with auto set

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  • what size generator do i need for my miller matic 140 with auto set

    I don't have the proper circuit in my garage right now I have a 15amp circuit I know I need a 20 amp circuit to run this welder propery I was looking for a generator ( Honda ) to run the welder till I can get proper upgrade put in I like the welder its nice but still have to get a tank for solid wire 030..which I just loaded into the machine.....any thoughts

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    Run a wire and be done with it. A genset is a terrible and costly way to run a welding machine.


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      15 amp circuit will still run that welder - just not at the higher settings (pops the breaker).

      I've used two migs on generators - 5000 watts (continuous output, not surge). Didn't weld very well - need to go bigger than that.

      The larger the generator, the better the mig will work. With a small, cheap generator, the wire feed surges with the engine and also doesn't weld as hot as when plugged into the wall.

      But like said above - it's expensive - best to just get the wiring done.
      In my opinion.
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        Your going to spend more on the generator than you would hiring an electrician for likely just a few hours of work. Yes you would also have a generator for other uses, but you can view the 20amp outlet as an ability to run more equipment, like a plasma cutter or compressor...Just get it wired once then your done.


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          No time like the present to learn to run a wire.