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  • Pipepro 304

    Question for you guys running miller Pipepro 304. With the remote plugged in and the panel switch on remote does the digital readout on the machine change as you turn the remote knob?
    It does on my xmt304 but does not on this 304 Pipepro that I am thinking of buying.
    Cruiser any thoughts.

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    The XMT and the pipe pro 304 work the same way, when you have it on panel you adjust it at the machine, when you flip it to remote you change the numbers at the machine from your remote device.

    I own both machines so I know for sure.

    However, on a Trail Blazer that does not have the knob to take the machine from panel to remote it automatically detects the remote device.


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      Yes when your welding the numbers will adjust, however when your not welding, there is no adjustment in stick. You can verify your remote in cv though