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    I've welded on my job 15 years off and on, I've been wanting a millermatic 211 with aluminum spool gun but right now I Can't justify that kind of a purchase. I don't weld much at home but I'm building a shop that consists of a 8x8' square tubed metal door and homemade latch. I've borrowed my buddies Hobart 140 handler and it's a nice little welder but after using the 211 and how sweet of a machine it is, I'm just gonna keep saving and grab one at tax time. I've been checking Craigslist and ran up on this Dayton ac welder. A retired navy seabee bought it around 1980ish I think, I haven't made sure of that, and can find very little on the Internet other than a couple of things, one being this machine was manufactured by miller! Is this true or is this a mistake? The guy wants $65 for it and it honestly looks brand new, no rust, not even a scratch. The only issue I seen was there's two metal rods that protrude out of the front of the machine that looks like vice grip or plier handles. It's where you adjust the power, I'm sure that's something a lot of folks are familiar with but not me. I went to test it out and it works great, the only thing is while it's on the power adjustable plier handles creep down. The guy said it's a simple fix, remove the cover and spread something out to hold more pressure against whatever. He seems like a great honest guy but should I just borrow the Hobart again or is this a good little welder? It's small but weighs 90 lbs, has wheels and stinger is one that's built like a tank. The cables are great shape too, kinda hard to pass up even though an ac stick welder kinda sucks compared to an ac/DC imo.. Thanks and I hope to learn a lot from this forum about welding, I've always used industrial miller's and Hobart, not sure how true it is that the guts are miller. This welder was sold by grainger if that helps..