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  • Vision issues

    Saw some posts on vision issues..getting an annual on the eyeballs is a good idea..but we all know that..Having a good current prescription can help a lot and as we get older our eyes change..

    Finding some decent safety glasses with the proper prescription can be difficult.specially if you are out in the woods so to speak..:>).so went looking on the web..

    Found this link:

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    lots of pictures of all kinds of frame patterns..goggles..wrap arounds..some very cool designs and they have the high index lenses for the guys who need a strong may find a frame that exactly fits the bill..

    they are not the only ones..did a google search and pulled up several providers of athletic and safety prescription glasses...

    Using one of the clear face shields when grinding and such can save your prescription glasses as well as shield your face..

    Watch the eyeballs

    Grampa has done so much with so little now I do everything with nothing..;>)