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Interested in getting set up to be mobile Need advise

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  • Interested in getting set up to be mobile Need advise

    I work for a family welding and machine shop and have since I was 15. So for the past 11 years I've learned to mig And tig as well as mill and lathe work But I'm interested in starting a mobile buisness of my own and when I'm shopping for driven units I'm lost as far as hi frequency boxes and and sinc waves and all the stuff that could set me back if I don't make the right choice the first go round What I'm looking for is the ability to tig aluminum t tops on ocean boats one day then turn around and redeck a bush hog the next day. Without buying two machines( is that possible ). And if I have to buy attachments to to that with one machine would my money be better spend with two units to provide a better weld

    i like to know a lil about a lot so I'm amateur when it comes to welding specifically

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    Almost all smaller engine drives have lost ac current, the last unit to offer ac was the 302 traiblazer, this could be paired with a hf251 to do field tig repairs. This is not the route i would go. If i were field welding on expensive thin boats i would plug a dynasty 200 into my lincoln ranger 305g. I have done this in the field to weld thin ss piping, it works very well.
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      Interested in getting set up to be mobile Need advise

      Thumbs up Tryagn5, good used engine drive welder and Dynasty. That's best route to take.
      That's what I use in field.


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        I also agree with Tryagn5, Try to to find a portable welder that has at a minimum of 10,000 watts continuous ( Not 10,000 Peak ) with a Dynasty 200

        I run my Dynasty 300 of my Pipe Pro 304 that puts out 12,000 watts continuous, I cant run it at 300 amps but if I remember correctly have used it as high as about 240 amps.

        This way your not sacrificing anything, you can also run a spool gun for heavier aluminum.

        A new Trail blazer for 5,000.00 , 12RC Mig feeder $ 1,800.00 , Dynasty 200 $ 4,000.00 and a spool gun $ 1,200.00

        By the time you buy all your cables you will be some where in the range of $ 13,500.00 and will be able to do any kind of job.


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          I agree with everyone here.

          I have all those machines and I use them that way. I will say that it is the only way to go. I bought a second hand HF unit that was brand new to alum tig off my trailblazer302 and I have used it a whooping 2 times. I will sell it if you want it. There is no comparison to the dynasty.

          You will be really mad when you go to strike the arc and blow a hole through a alum tube on a boat because a setting was off and you have no arc control to fix it.


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            Wow Country Metals, You have used yours one more time than I have used mine.

            Its not that the HF-251 box doesnt work, it does and the one repair I used it on was a condenser coil at the super market when they drilled a screw into the aluminum tube.


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              It's getting more rare to see AC weld current on engine drive machines as time goes on. It's just because it's not something required by lots of folks. I know for myself, I have no use for AC weld current on my engine drive and little use for AC in my shop machine. It's rare for me to have to weld any aluminum. I just done see it for the most part in what I do.
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                Snoe Pro, It depends on who your customers are, Aluminum is about 5% of my business which varies from year to year by 3% or so but I like being a full service shop that can do anything, You dont want your customers shopping some where else because the might keep going to that other store that can fulfill all there needs.