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    So, my dad was a welder. I've been thinking about it a while. I finally got a stick welder. It was inexpensive. I was trying it a few days ago. It over heated and stopped.

    I then learned about the duty cycle thing.

    I really would rather have a gas welder. So, these are my questions. I want an American made gas welder. I want one that is inexpensive. Now, I know the prices. $1000 would be fine. I would just save for a bit. What is a good stick welder that fits these things? Also, since I am new, how hard is it to set a gas welder up? I am quick at learning new things. I am aware it may be better to get an electric welder. But, Then I have to get a generator out and set all that up. Also, the welder can only be used for a short time. I just want to be able to use it. Oh, also, I don't want a huge welder. It has to fit inside my grandfathers shed. haha Thank you for the help.