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    Hey Blondie: your blind at reading distance, I can't even find the floor without glasses or contacts. Light weight safety glasses don't exist in a script for 20/900. Hope you find a mag set for an ehood and switch up I love mine and you will too, even if you have to have the mag custom made you will be better off save the neck and eyes at the same time, good deal!!!!


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      How much distance to I need between the 1.75 and the 1.25? Sounds like something Tim "The Toolman" Taylor would do! If it were only that easy!! Tell the Miller execs that you've got people out here that have been welding for years with Miller welders, and can't see worth a flip anymore. I't like arcdawg says. "I weld therefore I can't see". So you're coming up on a generation of blind welders out here and they need to come up with some more powerful magnifiers for us blind buzzards.

      Blondie_486 [/B][/QUOTE]

      Get a prescription cheater. They are correct for each eye.

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