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  • Just wondering on price

    I was scouting and came across a company selling 5 Syncrowave 350LX's with 3weld chillers, all with foot controls and ready to go for $3499. I see they are $10k new, is that a good price on a used one? they look in real good shape 4 look really good.

    Just wondering I don't have a need for one but thought I would ask.

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    They sell new for big bucks. I wonder how many they actually sell. Syncrowave is a great machine, but now Miller makes a better one. I'd guess the Dynasty series outsells them.

    It seems people sell 250s and 350s for anywhere from $500 to $1500 used.
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      DATEC, That price seems a little high if you a private guy using it for hobby, there are cheaper options.

      If you own a company and you need one on a regular basis this machine will pay you back in a matter of a couple weeks, they are a real work horse and will get the job done year after year.

      You need to check out the power requirements to see if you can run it.

      I charge $ 100.00 hr. for tig so you can do the math.


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        I would like to get into tig but I know that would be alot of machine for me to start with and probably way more then I would ever need. I came across these while looking for other equipment I need before that. But when I seen these I thought the price looked cheep for what they go for new, I guess not buy reading your posts. What would a good price be (new vs. used) for a good unit.

        Is there anything that usually goes bad or should be noted as a potential problem when looking at a used unit?

        The first thing I need before a tig is a Hypertherm (30 or45) leaning towards the 45. The thickest I do is usually 3/8 but would like to keep options open if they arrive.

        So for the most part right now I am gathering information for future purchases.