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Trailblazer 280NT????

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  • Trailblazer 280NT????

    I have a Trailblazer280NT. It only has 50 Hours on it. I think it does stick great and that is all I have used it for in the past.

    I want to get the 30A Spoolmate, will this run it and also is it worth the $$ upgrading to say a 301G.

    What other options are popular for this machine. Any advise saves a lot of time searching.


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    sure looks like it.... shows the 14pin connector on the front panel(pg24-25 of pdf Manual) and it is a CC/CV machine. looks like all you need is the 30A spoolgun and a WC-24 controller... have enclosed a link to the manual....

    Bear in mind that I have never used a TB280NT... but the book says it will do mig... I have a Trailblazer 301G and I just flat love it...(do quite a bit of aluminum using a 30A) but am not sure how much you would gain by upgrading.. there are other trailblazer users on the forum who may have used both machines and be able to give you a better idea...
    hope this helps

    BTW also run DC tig and will run AC tig as soon as the budget allows for a HF-251 HF unit... same stuff should run on yours if the wc-24 and 30A will

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      It seems that the 280NT and the 301G were compared a while back on this forum. I do not remember the post. Do a search. If I remember correctly, there is not much to gain by updating. I have the 301G and it is a great machine. I use it for stick, mig, tig, carbon arc and aux power for my Spectrum 2050. I can get 1 " clean (not flawless, but a good clean kerf and drag line) with the 10KW generator pushing the plasma cutter.


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        Hi I have a 280nt I would say keep it,it is the practically the same machine if you doubt it take it to some one who Dyno/tests them and be plesently surprised,front panel selector switch is different and Iam not sure but I think mabie the low for the ac tig is a litle different,Mabie Andy would have more to say on the subject. All in all a great machine


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          The 301 is the 280s big brother. The 280 was updated with a different current control board to give higher field current thus more output. The 280 is a fine fine unit and will do anything the 301 can minus a few amps.
          I have the 280NT myself and a 301D with the Kabota Diesel and from an arc standpoint, they are the same.
          In otherwords, keep your unit! No need to spend the exra bucks for the new machine. Don't let my sales department see this



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            Thanks, Thanks, Thanks