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blown resistor on syncrowave 250

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  • blown resistor on syncrowave 250

    I have a blown (r2) resistor on the circuit board of my syncrowave 250. Not sure what function it does but the machine doesn't turn on at all. Could this be the issue? Serial no is:kh483382
    Any suggestions on what else to check?

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    Resistors "blow" because of severe over-current. You kinda need to find out why it blew. You might look around for blown fuses as well but that's not going tell you why things have become overloaded. A short would be a likely cause but that can be hard to track down. I suspect professional help is going to be required.

    If you could find out what the value of the resistor is (was) you could replace it but it's just going to blow again. A lot of those boards are double layered which makes home repair very difficult. Find a reputable Miller repair shop!


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      I ended up replacing the blown resistor with a new one. The board was very dirty lot of dust in the machine. I have checked for burnt/shorted wires but everythung seems to be fine. There's quite a bit of corrosion on most of the connections I'm going to clean it all up and test the machine. Hopefully it does well