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Maxstar 175 single phase conversion

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  • Maxstar 175 single phase conversion

    I know there is a bit of info out on the internet about converting a 175 to single phase and it basically becomes a 152. I have attempted to follow one instruction to convert my machine but have run into a problem. The post is fuzzy on the last crucial step and picture attached which leaves me scratching my head. I have converted my welder but something is wrong and I barely have any power at wide open amp. The instruction states that the transformer for the fan also feeds the power board. I believe this is where the problem lies. Has anyone had success with this? If so I could use your help.

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    Have you had any luck with this issue?


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      No resolution.Need an electronics background to interpret the schematic.


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        You'd have to move your fan/supply transformer input to L2, but looks like thats about it, other than not using the red input wire


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          The fan worked fine. The problem is the board isn't getting full power. The machined worked fine when converted back the 3 phase.