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Is it worth taking it to get repaired??

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  • Is it worth taking it to get repaired??

    Have had my Millermatic 185 since the late 90's. Don't use it all that often. Decided to build a Reverse Flow smoker. Cleaned it up, replaced the liner and got a new spool of wire. Was working great the past few times I used it. Went out to the garage, flipped the switch and nada. Took the covers off, power going in and out of the switch...but fan is not running....nothing...any suggestions? Really don't want to haul it into to town and spend $$ to have it checked out only to find out that the shot and will cost as much a s new welder to fix it....

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    Go back and double check your power switch. If the fan isn't running you either have no power into the unit, an open power switch or a failed fan motor. If the fan motor failed however the unit would still work it would just overheat quickly. The 185's are nice units, odds are it is very worthwhile to repair it. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Kevin Schuh
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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      Check the receptacle as well- since you haven't used it in awhile maybe the CB is open.

      oops- I see you metered the switch
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        Its definitely worth fixing, I bought a Miller Matic 200 back in 1987 and it welds just as good as the new ones, Miller perfected Mig welders years ago and the changes they have made over the years are very minimal for a welder of this class.

        If you think your going to buy a new welder in the same class of machines and its going to be a lot better than your old one you will be very disappointed, the old ones are still great machines.