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  • fume extraction dilema...

    can anyone recommend a quality fume extraction system? Miller makes some nice units but non of them have a hepa filter which removes 99.7% of airborne particles. Miller claims it can only remove up to 95%. Problem is that when you weld SS it produces hexavalent chromium which is really only filtered with a heap filter. as i am sure many of you already know hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic. I have checked with osha and they also recommend a hepa filter when welding SS.

    Lincoln mini flex is a nice little unit which includes a hepa filter but it is a little too small, i would like something on the bigger side with a higher flow rate. has anyone modified a miller extraction to accommodate a hepa filter? Any thoughts on what else is out there?

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    Seems simpler to wear a vented mask with the cartridge type filters as apposed to a fume sucker


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      thats what i am doing now, but they get very uncomfortable after 10-15 min.


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        Your using a power vented respirator? Or a face mask. The powered ones are battery operated and are really nice to use


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          PAPR Systems

          Originally posted by cruizer View Post
          Your using a power vented respirator? Or a face mask. The powered ones are battery operated and are really nice to use
          PAPR's are a thousand times better than a standard face respirator...

          that heavy sweaty "Darth Vader" breathing of a regular respirator is hard to take for long periods..

          here is is a page to look at..
          Shop the largest selection of 3M powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs). 3M PAPRs provide enhanced respiratory protection against airborne particulates. Enviro Safety is an Authorized Distributor of 3M Respiratory products.

          I have used several styles over the years at customer sites... have considered buying one for myself... they have now become more common and mainstream... but still a bit pricey @ about $1500...
          ... this one is at the top of my current WISH list...

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