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Picked up a used Blue Star 3500

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  • Picked up a used Blue Star 3500

    Hello folks!
    I'm just taking the opportunity to introduce myself and get some advice. I'm not ashamed to admit that, while I can burn rod and (usually) get the pieces to stick together, I'm not a welder by any means. heh

    That said, I just picked up a used Blue Star 3500 for the little bit of home/hobby welding I do. I'll do some fiddling with parts/customization of my barbecue pit, build racks for storing dumbbells, etc. My question is: This machine is somewhat older (KK serial #) and has obviously seen use. I checked it out before I bought it and the Honda motor started on the first pull, all the receptacles work, and it struck an arc and seemed to burn rod just fine.

    The leads DO need some love, and I'll probably replace the stinger and ground clamp, but I'd like any advice y'all can give about what I should check/have checked on the rig itself. I'm perfectly comfortable working on the MOTOR myself, but I'm fairly clueless about what to check for on the welder/generator side.

    Thanks in advance!
    (off to download the PDF manual.)
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    Service the motor. Change the oil, spark plug and clean or replace the air filter and fuel filter. If it welds, weld with it.
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      Welcome to the forum.
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