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Looking for Dialarc HF value

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  • Looking for Dialarc HF value

    The preview on this shows it as one big run-on sentence. sorry.Hi, Providence Academy is a private Christian school with several donated items to sell and sometimes they don't have a clear price value on them.One person looked at this Dialarc HF before we cleaned it up and said it's a $3,000 machine while another said maybe $1000.The difference in those values is a lot of supplies for preschool or high school science lab or scholarships acquired or never realized. This beast is on a heavy duty wheeled cart and has a foot pedaltorch guna very large gun that resembles a wire feed (aluminum? box handle)stick welderapprox 5' tall argon tankLots of heavy wires** I guess I can't post the pics so I tried to copy this off one.Stock 901782Ser # JH194880volts 290/230/460?amps 108/90/45KW 12.4Phase 1Hz 60Can you help us find a sale price for this?Thank YouProvidence Innovation Academy is a Private LDS Based, Preschool-High School in St George, UT

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    So it's a dialarc HF, with a foot pedal, likely a cooler of some sort and a torch. If it's in really good shape, likely $1500 with a quick sale at $1200. As you can't run it, $1200 max is what you could conceiveably sell it for.


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      Looking for Dialarc HF value

      If I was looking for one of those machines, which I kind of am, I wouldn't pay more than $1200 for it. It's a fair price too. Not a great deal for the buyer, but not a bad one either.


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          I advertised one like it with cart, cooler, water cooled torck and leads for stick. Mine was near perfect. Eventually, a buyer paid $1300.
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