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  • Wet dynasty 200

    Last month I rented new shop space and am in process of getting my space set up. Had 3" of rain and due to road construction the sewers were blocked and the entire industrial park got flooded. Up to a foot of water in some shops which is a big problem. Anyway I had my Dynasty sitting on the floor overnight because I was in the middle of building a cart for it. It sat in about 2" of water while plugged in but turned off for a few hours before I got to the shop and rescued it. I have been letting it sit to dry out but have not tried to turn it on yet.

    How close to the bottom of the machine are the critical parts, And if it is bad what will it cost ball park to get it fixed.

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    I would definitely pull the covers to make sure it is completely dry with no pockets that will hold water. Even the electrical connectors can hold water for a long time if never checked. I would unplug them & make sure of dryness/cleanliness along with everything else before attempting to fire it up. You should be able to see a water line inside as to how high the water was. Don't forget about any wicking action also that may affect something just slightly higher than the actual water level.
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      If not already, put a fan blowing on it.
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        Compressed air from about 1-2 ft away from every conceivable angle to blow out any standing water (with the cover removed of course). If you're daring enough, you can also flip it upside down to make sure all water drops out as you're drying it.
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          Remove the cover, Tip it upside down for a while, let it sit on its side in every direction to drain any water out all while letting it sit out in the hot Sun, let the heat evaporate any trapped moisture.
          Chances are, that if you leave it out in the hot sun for about a week you will be in good shape.

          However, the expert would be the advise you get from Cruiser, so hopefully you can wait until he chimes in.


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            I'd use a portable electric heater on it, close enough to make it warm, not close enough to make it hot.
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