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Spoolmatic 30A greif!

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  • Spoolmatic 30A greif!

    Hi ALL.
    I have 2 spoolmatic 30A's in the shop, I used to have the old style but sold it with the old machine. I now have the the current models, one on a 350P and one on a 250X.
    The trap door on them sometimes fall open by themselves and once we had an arc straight to the drive wheel and had to replace it. Now we tape them down. The gap behind the trigger sometimes catches some glove leather. Now both of them leak gas, and you have to pull the trigger out to stop the leak. The old one with the annoying trap door was better!
    Today one gun blew a gas valve, gas was coming out of the gun, but not at the cup. so I have to order parts.
    Sorry, just felt like venting!

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    Vent on sometimes we all need to.
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      Really only diff between the old and new guns is the replaceable plastic handle, and use of a cheap cable input connector ( the old style can still be used).

      Any how, the units use a rubber diaphragm for gas, maybe pull the unit apart, making sure that the trigger spring doesn't pop out, then you can positively see what's going on. I generally stick a folded piece of cigarette card board under the trigger switch for a more positive engagement.