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SCP-200C - Poor arc

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  • cruizer
    Ok 035 runs anywhere from 18 to 22 volts maximum. Then adjust your amperage with the wire speed knob, also with a gas flow meter, no more than 25 CFM

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  • rcbailey56
    started a topic SCP-200C - Poor arc

    SCP-200C - Poor arc

    Hi folks,

    I bought a used SCP-200C a few years ago with a Miller S52E wire feeder and a Tweco style 15' 300 amp gun. The first few times I used it, it seemed to weld fine. Now, it sounds like the arc will not sustain evenly and I get a pop, pop, pop sound instead of the sizzle. Seems like the only way to get a more even arc is to hold the nozzle right down on the work, just about to the point, I can't even see the arc.

    For the project I'm working on now, I'm trying to weld a steel thickness of 1/8"

    I am using .035 solid wire and a 75/25 Argon/CO2 mix for sheilding gas.
    I tried turning up the voltage to 26 and that helped with the exception of burning through. I'm running the wire speed anywhere between 30 and 40 on the dial. (not sure what that relates to in inches per sec/min).

    I can't even venture a guess as to what might be wrong. Is it the welder, the settings or the operator?

    Thanks in advance for reading and for any responses that might be helpful.

    Richard Bailey
    [email protected]
    Oakwood, Ga.
    (678) 227-4874