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want to convert extended reach push pull gun to standard gun

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  • want to convert extended reach push pull gun to standard gun

    I want to know if one can convert the extended reach gun (push /pull) to a standard short gun. I have an old regency 200 power supply and a XR wire feeder. Would like to just take off the extended reach torch because Im having too much trouble with it (basically worn out) and would like to put the standard smaller torch on it.....can it be done without too much trouble and cost? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

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    So I'm guessing, that you have a pistol grip spool gun, with the feed line going to it., if the liner is worn out, it has to be changed as a assembly not just a liner. Never the less, all you'd need is a wire canister for that gun.

    no idea which push pull you have , making your question somewhat vaque


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      it's an old commercial type that was used to weld aluminum the pull part or gun is not a spool gun, wire is fed from the box through a long (15') cable and the gun itself is large and bulky. I'm just trying to find out if converting the large pull gun and cable to the standard gun (smaller) is doable or if anyone has done it before. The model no. for the wire feeder is KA738150. I feel that it can be done but would have to change the wiring going to the switch in the gun and eliminate some of the wiring that used to feed the drive motor in the big gun.