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What kind of metal is this?

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  • What kind of metal is this?

    I used a piece of what I thought was stainless for an exhaust hanger. It tigs nice and has great color. However, when I try to weld it to 304 stainless, it does not weld good at all. The weld is grey and very porous and cracks in a matter of seconds. This it two thicknesses welded together with no filler. When I grind on it, the sparks are bright white. I had a piece on the anvil to shape it. With the piece on edge I was hitting it with a hammer and just caught the edge of it and got a bright white spark off it

    This is what I am trying to do

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    Spark Test..

    Sounds like you may have gotten hold of some Titanium...

    Spark test

    titanium is a non-ferrous metal, it gives off a great deal of sparks. These sparks are easily distinguishable from ferrous metals, as they are a very brilliant, blinding, white color.[7]

    Here is the page on it

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      I was just reading that. I really like the colors in it. I have a big 2x4' probably 16g sheet of it. It has been floating around my garage for 15 years and I assumed it was stainless. Never had a need for it until now.


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        Isn't it really light for the size?


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          it sparks the same color and type as a lighter. even when water-jet cut.

          A 60,000 psi Jet Edge abrasive water jet cutting 1.5" titanium at .76" per minute. The sparks are created by the abrasive hitting the hard titanium. Find out...