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Wire Speed problem - Millermatic 180 AS

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  • Wire Speed problem - Millermatic 180 AS

    Wire speed seems to be wide open not matter where I put the Wire Speed knob.

    Have checked the pots for Wire speed and Voltage and they both read fine...approx. 48k across the outside pins and 0 to 48k outside to middle pin depending on the knob position.

    Which transistor on this board controls the wire speed? Pretty sure its not Q1 since Q1 on this board does not have a heat sink attached to it.

    S/N: LJ210711N Stock No: 907312-01-1 Board Number: 229469 (front) or 229473C (back)

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    Wire Speed problem - Millermatic 180 AS

    What happened to cruiser and TurboDSM?

    You guys still out there? Anybody have prints on that board?


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      Looking at the print it looks like Q-1 is the brake transistor and Q-8 is the drive transistor.
      Kevin Schuh
      Service Technician
      Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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        Miller Kevin -
        Thanks for the reply...have a Q8 on order from digikey along with U3.
        I'll try Q8 first when they come in. I'll let you guys know if it works out.


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          Wouldn't you know it...shipment went to wrong sorting facility. It will be next week before I see those transistors. Ugggh!