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  • Looking for a wirefeeder

    I am new to the wire feeder type welders. Have been welding for years using Lincolns or Millers. Last time I used a big mig machine was a Miller 252. At the house right now I have a XMT304 CC/CV unit and a Lincoln Weldpak 180HD. Looking to upgrade the Lincoln cause it is giving me issues even after some general maintenance. Figurines g that since I have the XMT I should be able to get into a wire feeder and same some space. I have also considered the 211 from Miller. Just looking for opinions cause the local weld supply joint says I am looking at around 2 grand for a feeder and at that poi t I just as well get a 252.

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    I'm not experienced enough to comment on your wire feeder question, but you mention the MM211 as one of your considerations. With the current rebates, that is a great option if you don't need production-level duty cycle. I just bought one over the counter at the local Airgas store for $1118, less a $200 rebate, and a free spoolgun. So, for $918, you get a very nice portable wire machine with aluminum capability-and it's an "old reliable" non-inverter machine which has apparently not needed any engineering changes since 2010. Or, you can pay $1118 for the welder and they will give you $400 worth of any Illinois Tool Works (Miller, Hobart, Bernard, Smith, etc) welding accessories for free. I called Miller to confirm that since the form only mentions Miller or Hobart. The $200 or $400 rebate runs through 12/31/15. The free spoolgun is only through 7/31/15.

    I have only used the 211 for about an hour so far but I'm impressed! I love my old MM200, but the 211 is so small and (comparatively-it still has a transformer) light. Produces VERY nice welds, smooth feed, and runs on 120 or 240 volts by simply screwing the correct plug to the end of the cord. Limited power on 120, but quite usable if you have a job where that's the only power available. One guys thoughts.


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        I would pick up an rc12. You will have more portability and amp capacity than a 252 while being able to run off less input power.


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          I'm limited in other machines to compare it to. I told the dealer I wanted to buy one MIG I would never need to upgrade. They sent me out the door with a MM252. It is a wonderful machine!
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