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    You will however have to buy gas, and listen to noise. But if those things dont bother you thats great. You will be much better with the trailblazer for your app. I own one and it is a great machine. the gen set is also much better than a bobcat ex.You can be welding at 150amps with your trailblazer and still have full use of your generator capcity. I would hate to hear it ramping up and down all day long at my home shop JMO On a different note Have you tried calling your electric company about having a seperate service into the building, thats what I did cost about$300 dollars for a square d 200 amp service. Power company ran cable to the building


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      You are correct in that I can buy a panel for about 300..then I need a meter base, some service pipe and service entrance..some wire and breakers..Rewire the shop...then since this has to be underground service there is the fee for the backhoe guy..or machine of course I will have to take a permit for the work from Dept of labor and Industries..Around here with the rules and regs we have this all winds up to be quite a bit of cash to lay out..And still no shop equipment..

      My situation may not apply to everyone..Since I live in the country having a standby generator is a good idea..and having a portablity option is great if I should get a commision to do some work away from home..already have been offered one of those jobs..

      The trailblazer..I am going for the 301G model as it will do everything that I can ever imagine doing with the proper attachments so to speak.

      Given the facts of the situation this is the way to go..

      Now if I were to do a production shop in town, that is an entirely different deal..then having the fixed machines is a better deal and hopefully I could go into a building with good electrical to support the fixed machines..

      As far as gas consumption and noise goes..well that just have to live with..

      Makes sense to me in my shop to get the engine driven unit..might not make any sense at all to someone else

      Thanks for your interest
      Grampa has done so much with so little now I do everything with nothing..;>)


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        Thats great, You will be happy with that trailblazer, like I said I own one for some of the same reasons you listed Power outages ect. I as well live out in the country and it is super nice to have. My electrical equipt totaled $300 including all the iteams you listed and still pay the inspector to inspect the panel when it was all done. The difference is that you have to dig,see when I called the power company they came and even put two poles in and ran the cable the whole way to the weatherhead for nothing It is a seperate service which is fine by me, havent had a monthly bill over $30 bucks yet. If you must have it buried ask your power company about that mabie they could work with you, If not rent a ditch witch for a weekend and do it yourself. If you follow your codes that stuff is not all that hard to do. I am not trying to talk you out of the trailblazer it will be a smart move whatever you do with it. I just wouldnt want to keep pluging tools in and out all the time. As far as a welder its hard to beat especially for the money. It is a great tig welder in steel and stainless and add a high freq box and its ac tig arc is very compareable to a syncrowave. Also you can plug millers spoolguns right into it and be ready to mig alum right away. Also you could use that spoolgun for a s/s 2lb spool also. As far as stick welding it is almost as good as my Dynasty300. You will love that machine. I used mine as shop power for about a week during the building of my shop and I know how it was kind of a pain to fill it with gas all the time and plug things in and such. I also am kind of fussy with my machines so I didnt want it to sit outside so I had to either pull it in and out of the garage alot. Now I have it riged up with exhaust pipe to the outside that is nice. I put mine on a 5 by 10 trailer which is a must for getting it around unless it will be on a vehicle at all times. Well good luck in everything you will be happy with that machine over the bobcat, especially if you decide to mig with a feeder or a spoolgun or ever want to tig alum,and for the stronger smoother generator. Good choice Grampa ,which engine did you choose? Matt


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          I am going with the kohler..the supplier that I am working with has them for rent so I can see one work and hear it run..

          the kohler units seem to be fine as far as I far as the durablity these things ride around in trucks..get placed on fish boats and all sorts of hard usage..I am not sure a fellow could kill one with and ax if he wanted to..not that it should be abused..

          Anyway it Is one of those things I am comfortable with..

          As far as rewiring the shop..been there done that..don't want to is the bottom line does seem to be more expensive to do anything here than it is in other parts fo the country...

          I use a 40' high cube shipping container for a shop..paint it up, cut in a man door and some fine for me..Yeah it could be wider.but then maybe get another one and marry them up or something..Cargo containers are a good option for inexpensive storage or shop space..

          I will probably just get the blazer and spool gun to start..have the entire wish list..Thanks to HAWK...

          You say you are using SS wire in your spool gun? I was thinking of just gettin that at first but was not sure it would run the steel wire..I thought spool guns would only run Aluminum wire..???

          I am not choosing to push the shop as a commercial is more of a hobby for me tho if someone has something interesting to do they can bring it over..Just do the word of mouth deal..

          As far as plugging in tools all the time the blazer does have the generator seperate from the welder so tools like grinders and saws and such can be used at the same time as the welder..least that is the way I read it in the spec sheet..I think Miller came up with this for the commercial users running crew..In any case I have not yet qiute figured out a way for one guy to weld, grind, saw, and drill all at the same time..If you figure this out let me know and we will both know then..:>)

          I did make arrangements to attend nite school at the place I orginally trained..since I am a graduate they let us come back and take refresher courses of our choice..Course I have to pay a fee for that, but then I get a chance to shake off the rust and get back in the swing..

          I really think guys should go to school even a nite class as one can learn a lot and there are people that can look at your work and help with tips..Much easier to help a guy or get help when you are face to face..;>)

          Over to you

          Grampa has done so much with so little now I do everything with nothing..;>)


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            Capabilities and Compatibilities

            1. Concerning the (2004) Miller Big Blue Air Pac and Dynasty 300DX. The work involved is using a wide scale of thicknesses in the field. Here are some examples; less than .025 Aluminum (switch covers), and more then 2" (Bus Bars, etc). Can the two pieces of Miller equipment REALY work in well together connected in a remote mobile situation … and are there any "gotcha's Miller is aware of internally concerning this marriage.

            2. Concerning the (2004) Miller Big Blue Air Pac, WC24, and 30A SPOOL gun. Same scenario, in material and situation. Sometimes production is necessary.

            I have a 12RC (24V), but realize that will not Fly, or Weld as it were!

            Thanks in advance, Ron