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Miller Big D2 diesel, wiring question and good diagram needed

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  • Miller Big D2 diesel, wiring question and good diagram needed

    I bought this welder after it sat 8 years under an oak in neighbors back yard, The Perkins runs like new on the 8yr old diesel and everything works on it. I replaced the 3 leads running from the generator to the voltage selector dial, and I'm not sure if I have the wire correct, the 2 leads on the left side, same side as the actual hook up for the welding leads, there 2 large wires ,leads, connected to each stud and I have 1 small wire connected to each stud as well so a total of 4 wires each including the bare wire the connects to the diodes? Is this correct? Because I have a random voltage at the outlet from -30 to 120 and it jumps constantly. I have not check the weld lead hookups, could this be because of just bad rings in the generator? How do I check the rings and points in the generator? is there anything else I should do on the welder before trying to make money with it and consider it reliable? Already did an oil change air filter is clean and I will be changing the fuel and filter soon, thanks the diagram in the manual is no help to me so if someone understands it some help would be much appreciated. Info 1976 Big D2 Miller serial # HH013508 with Perkins 4.108 4cly diesel and 120volt outlet on the face. Thanks yall
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      The wiring diagram in the owners manual is the same as the tech one, not getting any farther ahead.

      and while I enjoy reading long stories, discussing quickly what you did, and the problem at hand is much better
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