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  • Changed wire

    I used up the last of a chicom roll that was the house brand, last time they gave me a Washington Alloy and finally installed it today. I fussed the tip up and figured I was good to go. maybe I need to turn the V down, didn't help to turn the wire up a little but this sputters and is terrible erratic.
    Mt machine really is a pos anyway and fussy as ****.
    The ho brand wire in there was as good as it ever has been.
    I was in a push to finish and havnt went back to play around with settings yet.

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    Based on my experience, Washington alloy wire is total junk. I couldn't get the stuff to run correctly on any of my units. Airgas P/3 wire isn't any good either. The near full rolls of both that I had ended up in the metal bin at the recycling center.

    Hobart somewhat ruined their HB-28 when they stopped production of it here in the states. The China HB-28 runs pretty good on my Ironman 230. Puddle wet out is a little on the poor side with it on my Handler 210 MVP or Lincoln Power MIG 180C.

    The Handler 210 MVP and Power MIG 180C both perform weld with Lincoln's .030 L-56. The Ironman 230 performs well with .030 L-56 too, however, I loose a tap on 1/8". L-56 seems to take the output of the taps upward. With HB-28, tap 5 produces a very clean smooth running arc with virtually zero spatter, probably in the 145 - 150 amp range, that work well for horz of flat T joints on 1/8". With L-56 that tap 5 arc becomes harsher, more like it is up around 160 + amps.


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      I am going to play with the thing, simply changed the wire and it runs terrible. I remember you or someone talking about it but I am not uber fussy, figured how bad can it be?


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        Welding machines seem be in the mix too. Not saying the WA.alloy is good, but I have had rolls where it worked decent.. In fact I think I sent off a roll to Dan at one point? It was the weirdest roll I used. It would go into a almost spray while in the lower short-arc modes..

        That said, Dan sent me a roll of .030 spool-arc 65 that he disliked ..(Probably 8 years ago) I loaded it into my Tweco 211i yesterday, and it really does weld nice.. The lack of Silicon does not really affect the wet-out as I remember. I'm going to use it up, and will be nice if I ever have to grind something down.. Also found some .030 EG wire I had.. (Easy Grind) Still triple deoxidized like the S-2 wire..


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          At some point I am going to get back to it. The wire I had in it was generic China and it worked super. I installed the new roll and it went zippy thru, had to turn the wire speed way up and as you said, might even be near spray.
          I don't use this a lot, its kind of need it need it kind of thing and a roll last a long time, now I have new roll that really doesn't work. My machine doesn't have much a fan club anyway and is a fussy fugger to start with, it was tolerable with the other wire. I I really used it the thing would be replaced.