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    ok so i finally did the 220 in my garage, I did 15' 6-3 wire with a 40 amp breaker for my mm210, does that seem like a good set up? the book says to use a 40 amp breaker but didnt say much about the wire, is the 6-3 overkill? does it matter? would 8-3 be better?

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    Lets just say...You can't go wrong with the bigger 6-3. Your not going to change it now!!

    Have fun with the new toy!



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      6/3 is perfect, If latter on you buy a dynasty it will work for both.
      40 amp is what mine is on and it works perfectly. Congratulations and Weld Well


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        Well your 6-3 wire will have less resistance than the 8-3 and resistance causes heat. It will run cooler than the 8ga wire, in my opinion it isn't overkill. Besides look at it this way if you decide to get a bigger machine later on that will require more amperage at the breaker you already have the wire in place to handle it. I have my air compressor wired on 8ga wire when I could have used 10ga but I also am hoping for a bigger compressor too! (please santa? I've been a good welder this year!)

        Have fun

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