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Dead Hobart Airforce 250ci plasma cutter. Hoping for solution from Miller.

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  • Dead Hobart Airforce 250ci plasma cutter. Hoping for solution from Miller.

    Hello,I have a dead Hobart Airforce 250ci, Stock # 500534, SN LJ440114P. Used once to cut 1/16" steel lizard 6" long, second cut was a 6" circle of 1/4", that was in the first year I owned it, that was all I did with it, then a about a month ago I used it for the third time and was cutting 3/8" rusted deck bolts off of a trailer, did about 10 bolts. Unit quit on the 11th bolt. No power light. Tech support confirmed that it is probably a dead board and I'm one year out of warranty, board price $695 plus replacement labor. I found that this is such a common problem with this product while I was searching for a solution to the issue on the internet that I wrote the CEO of Miller, no response. I wasn't looking for anything from Miller but asked to be advised if they will offer a better solution than buying a board and paying a dealer to install it, which costs more than what my wife paid for it brand new as a gift for me, and the board alone cost more than a complete factory refurbished unit on your website (really??? what's up with that?). Has Miller come up with a program for this yet? The tech indicated that a program was being put together where customers with this unit could send the unit in and have it refurbished for less than the refurbished unit, it was going to be a special program I guess to address the issue, and he seemed to indicate that Miller was well aware that the board components were weak and prone to failure. He even stated that tech support has asked engineering for more robust components. I'm hoping something is offered by Miller to make this right. Is there anything yet?

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    I feel a bit guilty for waiting so long to post this. Miller came through for me on this. It was about this time last year I noticed a response from Miller in my email, it was September so it was awhile but I was really pleased that they did respond and they did offer me a replacement deal. I contacted them and asked them if the offer was still available to me with it being several months later, tech support stated it was and they sent me the new board to replace the one which failed. I did the change out and the unit is working great again. Thanks Miller, faith restored.